Swedish doctor Fikru Maru been imprisoned in Ethiopia without trial

16 Dec

In excess of 1.5 years, the Swedish doctor Fikru Maru been imprisoned in Ethiopia without trial. County council politician Margaret Sidenvall just returned from Ethiopia, where she met the prison doctor.

Fikru Maru accused of having smuggled in medical equipment for just a few hundred dollars. Equipment that would be used in a cardiac hospital in Ethiopia. According to medical colleagues and sources within the Foreign Ministry, he is completely innocent. County council politician and physician Margaret Sidenvall have just arrived home from a month’s work in particular Ethiopia, and when she got the chance to meet Fikru Maru.

– He is being held in a room with 120 people with only a bed for 94, says Margareta Sidenvall (KD) to SVT Gävleborg.

– He has made up a kind of dagsprogramm to even survive the situation continues Sidenvall.

Fikru Maru has a part-time job at Hudiksvall hospital and is considered one of Sweden’s leading cardiologists. With him back to Sweden, Margareta Sidenvall two letters from the Swedish doctor. A Foreign Minister Margot Wallström and one to the county line in Gävleborg. In the letters he pleads for more attention to his case and he compares his situation with the previously imprisoned journalists Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson.

– They got a huge media attention. He appeals now that he also cases get attention so that the case can go to trial soon, says Sidenvall.

But neither of Gävleborg County Council or the State Department makes Fikru Maru’s letter no difference.

– We as oriented organization must follow the rules of the game, so we avaktar and follow the rekomendationerna we have received from the Foreign Ministry. The letter changes nothing, says County Commissioner Eva Tjernström (S).

– We have already commented on this case and it is the same that apply now. We have the Swedish side no opportunity to put us in a foreign lawsuit, said the Foreign Ministry’s press officer Anna Bhuré Kervefors.

How are Fikru Maru really?

– He describes himself that he is doing well under the circumstances, as he describes it all to me, says Margareta Sidenvall.


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